Academy Instructors

by | Jan 28, 2021

I just wanted to make sure everyone understands where the instructors are coming from.

As many of you have noted, our instructors will attack a topic from different angles and do not always align perfectly in their assessments. This is by design.

We cannot stress enough that there are dozens of ways that teams attack each and every aspect of roster construction and our goal is to give you the most well-rounded viewpoint of the landscape.  

Our instructors have a large breadth of experience across this space and we have worked to narrow our focus down to best practices and 10 core traits per position that will best position you as future evaluators.

When an instructor is asked to speak on a position, we share with them the same curriculum documents that will be found in the position modules and ask for them to give THEIR expertise on each trait. We do not force a script onto them and want there to be subtle differences and nuances. These will give you the best opportunity to learn and expose you to the largest amount of football insight possible. 

We understand that you will frequently be looking for black and white explanations on certain topics and where applicable, we will provide that. Unfortunately, we are human beings evaluating human beings and as such, there will be shades of grey. 

So please continue to bring your questions to the forums in your pursuit of perfection, but we just wanted you to understand that the goal of the Academy is not to force one viewpoint onto you guys. We want to give you the most robust, stable foundation possible for you to launch your careers.