Feedback you will receive

by | Jan 27, 2021

Just a reminder to clarify the Feedback loop:

As stated in the previous announcement outlining how to submit reports:

You will be completing 5 player evaluations in each position module. Feedback will be provided on your first and third submissions, ideally within 72 hours of them being submitted.  After you complete all 5 reports, a call will be scheduled to talk through the module.

In between this feedback, please continue to watch film and gather your notes on the players in your module, then use the feedback to further polish your work (again see details on the process in the announcement linked above).

Getting the most from the Feedback on your reports:

I am using Microsoft Word 2013 to edit your reports and to provide feedback. I use a couple tools within that program to make sure each point gets across to you.

The first is Track Changes – These should clearly show up in the body of the report. I don’t think we are having too many issues with this piece.

The second is Comments – In the “Review” tab on Word, there is one for “Show Comments”. Please make sure this is on. I add quite a few comments to each of your reports and if you are not seeing them in the margins, then we are going to have miscommunication and you will not be getting the most from the program.

So go back and make sure these are coming through for you. If not please let me know and we will make sure you have a way to get ALL of the feedback.