Grading Players and Submitting Reports (Process for the rest of the semester)

by | Sep 17, 2021

I know many of you are excited to begin watching and grading players.  Here is how the process works from here on out:

The next 14 weeks work at your pace, so how fast or slow you go is dependent on you and relates directly to how comfortable you feel with each position module.  Based on your rankings, I have enrolled you in your first position group, which will open inside the Classroom on Monday September 20th.  Inside that module you will find a full library of materials to help you master that position along with a list of five players to begin watching and taking notes on.  We have selected five games for each player from the 2020 season and you will need your Game Pass account to watch this film. You can complete the five (5) players in ANY order, please do NOT go in the listed order, so there is some variety for me in grading them. Work through the materials as many times as needed to understand the concepts being taught and then begin the evaluation process.

This is not a race! We expect students to review, to the point of understanding/comprehension, all the curriculum videos and materials, study the ‘players to watch, but not to grade’, and then pick their 1st player to study. We do not expect a report on the first day (or even the first couple days) and submitting one invites concern you are rushing the material and not truly looking to understand it. Quality will trump quantity when it comes to standing out in the program. 

Communicating with your Group

Within each position module there will be two (2) forums for you to utilize.  The first is a question bank for items specific to that position.  The second is a forum for you guys to communicate back and forth on what you are seeing.

The quality of students is truly impressive.  Many with deep backgrounds in the game both historically and currently.  Many of you asked specifically about networking and I could not emphasize enough that networking happens at all levels and at all times, so make sure you are staying engaged with each other.

So I want to emphasize that you all are active in posting comments about players you watched, plays that stood out, difficulties you had in evaluation, small process improvements that you have made, etc.  Learning how to communicate your findings verbally, defending your positions, and engaging in healthy debate are all useful traits for an evaluator.  So take time to work on them as well.

Process for working through the curriculum in a module

We recommend:

1) Going through all the reading

2) Then watching any clinics/film reviews

3) Then our curriculum videos and completing all that before

4) Watching the example players.

5) All that should be completed before you dive into any of the 5 players to study. 

Submitting Reports

Also inside of each module there is a Word document that is the Report Template. You will fill this out for each player and then submit them in the module where it says ‘[Position] Evaluation #1 (or #2, #3, etc)’

We will work to review your submissions and provide suggestions, comments, and questions, that will aid you in enhancing your reports and taking your skills to the next level.

The report submission process is designed such that you can work through film, collect notes, and even generate Summary reports while feedback on your earlier work is being provided.

That said, please ensure that you only submit reports in a module after you have received earlier feedback. The process should look like this:

  1. Submit report #1 in a position module
  2. Study players #2 and #3
  3. Review feedback on report #1 and apply coaching points to Summary reports for players #2 and #3
  4. Submit reports #2 and #3
  5. Study players #4 and #5
  6. Review feedback on report #3 and apply coaching points to Summary reports for players #4 and #5
  7. Submit reports #4 and #5
  8. Polish and re-submit report #3

This process ensures the most efficient use of your time in a module along with the best possible reports you can submit. Dumping reports in the system before feedback is provided only increases your workload as most times we ask you apply the coaching to future reports before moving forward.

If you have any questions on this, please post them in the general questions forum

Submitting Player Data

Each position module is built upon 10 core traits. As such, evaluating and grading each of the 10 traits is a core piece of our evaluation process. Having these trait grades along with a Summary Report will give you guys the ammo to showcase your work and body of knowledge.

Also, if you are grading a DL or DB, where things are broken down into DE, DT, DC, or DS, you do NOT have to grade all unless the player actually executes multiple positions. 

Completing Position Groups

As you guys move through the video libraries at each position and grade the players you should be building a stable foundation at the position.  Our job here is to verify that you indeed have comprehended each of the 10 traits that are being taught, can identify them on the film, and communicate them in your summary reports.

Therefore, when you complete all five players and have submitted them into the system, please reach out to me via email and alert me that you have completed that aspect.  From there, we will schedule a one-on-one call to evaluate your reports and provide feedback into areas that you still need to review/cover, or alert you that you have successfully completed that aspect and identify the next position group that you will be moving into. You will be required to prove that you can evaluate and communicate at least 7 of the 10 traits in order to unlock your next module.

Keeping up a good pace during the semester

The goal for each of you should be to complete at least four (4) position modules during the remaining 14 weeks.  This means a 3+ week pace per position group, which is very reasonable.  Some will complete more and others less, but on average you should be aiming for four (4) groups. So this weekend, aim to review all the materials inside your position group, lay out a plan on how to watch your five (5) players over the next 3+ weeks.

As always, I am sure there will be other questions that come up about the process on the whole.  Please leave them in the General question section in the Classroom and I will get to the ASAP.  Thanks and I look forward to kicking off this next stage!