Measurable Baselines

by | Jan 18, 2021

Early on it can be hard to know if 6020 is a good height for an LB. As such, we built out a simple chart to highlight where height, weight, and combine numbers stack up vs NFL starters.

You can use the percentiles to see that 6010 is Very Good height for a RB and 5113 – 193 are pretty normal height and weight numbers for a CB.

This should help to apply adjectives in your Body Type/AA sentence.

*The one caveat is that some positions will get skewed by some serious size with a player or 2. (Think a 6080 OT or a 6050 WR). You can apply your judgement when an OL is 6040, that’s still good size. Same with a 6010 WR.  

The PDF is posted in the Week One – Friday curriculum with the other priority resources.