NFL GamePass Tutorial

by | Sep 27, 2021

As we emailed on Saturday, we have been able to access 2020 Coaches Film in Gamepass.

That said, we have been seeing questions about how to use it, in its new form.

I put together a tutorial video on how to access the 2020 Coaches Film in GamePass:

One of the biggest pieces of the course is our ability to analyze the same film that NFL Pro Scouts and Coaches have access to. We leverage the tool the NFL provides, called Game Pass. As discussed in the FAQ, this is a mandatory piece of the course and is separate from the registration. You can sign up here.

GamePass keyboard shortcuts (courtesy of alum Brian Lamb)

Space Bar – Pause/Play
Left Arrow – Rewind 10 seconds
Right Arrow – Fast Forward 10 seconds
F Key – Full Screen