Offensive Schemes

by | Jan 29, 2021

Too many of your are grading the passing game without a clear understanding of what is actually occurring in the modern NFL passing game.  I keep seeing Projections with terms like ‘Spread Offense’ or ‘West Coast Offense’, and really no one in the NFL runs a ‘pure’ version of either. The vast majority of the NFL passing game is a hybrid from Air Coryell, West Coast, Eihart-Perkins, etc. 

So please refrain saying “He’d fit a West Coast offense”, because everyone runs some West Coast concepts and no one runs them exclusively. 

Instead describe a QB this way: “Starting QB who can create plays in the short and intermediate passing game due to his processing, anticipation, and accuracy. Needs receivers who can create after the catch to generate explosive plays as he lacks the arm strength and deep accuracy to win in that area consistently.” 

We add as many good resources as we can find on Xs and Os to help support your development there as well. Here are a couple primers:

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