Telemetry Platform and Internship Update

by | Jan 8, 2024

Let’s start by highlighting that accepting the ‘internship’ and using the Telemetry platform is not mandatory. You can use GamePass if that is your preference.

The internship agreement and NDA are required if you want to use the Telemetry platform for studying film. The platform is being provided to you free of charge.

We will be sending your email address to Telemetry on Day 2 of the semester once we know who all will be involved in the Fall semester and they will send you an email with docusign links to the documents you need to sign if you want to use their platform.

This process could take a day or so, so please be patient as we onboard you to this awesome tool.

If you have received the emails and signed the 2 forms, then you should be able to access the platform here. The email you registered at The Academy with will be your username for Telemetry and each time you login, they will send you a new code, so there is no password.

If you have any questions on this. Please put them in the Questions for Dan forum.