Thank You

Thank you very much for registering for The Scouting Academy: 2024 Summer Semester. The Scouting Academy and all of its instructors are excited to start working with you. It is our priority to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill your dream of becoming a professional evaluator. This process is best served with open and honest communication. Please utilize the in-course forums, time with your instructors, and all other communications methods available to maximize your time in The Scouting Academy.

We understand that registration may be purchased as a gift or that a family member’s PayPal account may be used to complete the payment. As such, please visit your Edit Profile page to verify your contact information and complete your profile. If you purchased the course for someone else, please contact us at [email protected] so we can make sure the correct person is registered and on the email list.

With the course starting on Monday, May 6th, there are a few things that you will need to execute prior to things kicking off.

1. Please complete your online enrollment process with the Scouting Academy by visiting your Edit Profile page and completing your profile.

2. Additionally, we historically have used NFL GamePass All-22 game film for the evaluation portion of the course. This semester, film will be provided as part of the course. 

You will gain access to the Classroom on Monday, May 6th. The first two weeks of the course will be a course overview and philosophy so you can understand what information you will be presented with and how it will be disseminated. We will be in communication via email in order to ensure we can all hit the ground running on the 6th. Course information will available via written materials and videos, found online through your exclusive access to The Scouting Academy.

Once again, thank you for investing in your future. The journey to becoming a better scout is not always an easy process, but we will strive to make it as rewarding and fruitful as possible.

All the best,

Dan Hatman
Director of Scouting Development